1. Keep Your Fears in Check; Investors should try to always separate their emotions from the investment decision-making process.
  1. Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA;
  1. AS A DEVELOPER; You receive 30% of the fees your contracts generate when you build an app on Near protocol. Near protocol is super fast and has unlimited scalability, and you can enjoy building on popular languages like Rust & Assembly Script.
  2. AS A CREATOR OR FOUNDER; NEAR Foundation can help you get your idea off the ground, by providing grants to eligible creators & founders with ideas able to solve real-world problems that want to expand on the NEAR blockchain. Near Protocol also provides an environment that enables networking and connecting to like-minded founders & Creators like; Ed from, Co-founder of the Source Magazine, Nate & Carolin from Mintbase.
  3. AS A COMMUNITY EXPLORER; Make friends and connections pursuing a mission you’re passionate about, and get incentives for it, work when you want, how you want, and get paid based on your contribution. Consider creating your guide or collaborating with an existing guide if you’re on for the challenge of growing and promoting near protocol in your locality. Guilds are communities that make up the greater NEAR community. Each guild shares a specific vision and mission related to driving a more open, interconnected, and consumer-empowered world.



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Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild)

Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild)


NPK Guild is a Near Protocol Community based in Nigeria, aimed at educating and incentivising young Nigerians onBlockchain technology and the NEAR ECOSYSTEM