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In order to join the NEAR ecosystem, users need to create an account. NEAR accounts possess these unique attributes which closely resembles a username.

Human-readable names

NEAR leverages human-readable accounts to simplify remembering them. In this way, accounts can have addresses such as alice.near instead of long strings of random characters.

Flexible permissions through access keys

NEAR accounts can have multiple keys, each with their own set of permissions. This allows granting specific authorizations to third-parties, while keeping the option for the user to revoke them at any time.

Simple to develop smart contract

NEAR accounts can optionally hold software programs, known as smart contracts. In NEAR, developers can create smart contracts using languages including Rust, JavaScript or AssemblyScript. The smart contracts can be deployed to specificed accounts.

Mutable storage

NEAR accounts have a storage(state) which can mutate when the user or the contract deployed to the account performs a transaction.

Types of NEAR accounts

It is also important to know that NEAR accounts are of 2 categories:

Named accounts

Named accounts have human readable names such as alice.near. Named accounts can also create sub-accounts of themselves, helping to logically organize related-accounts.

For example: app.alice.near, where “app” is a sub-account of alice with limited permission from “alice”.

Implicit accounts

Implicit accounts are similar to classic ethereum accounts. They are defined by a 64 character address, which corresponds to a unique ED25519 key-pair.

For example: 98793cd91a3f870fb126f66285808c7e094afcfc4eda8a970f6648cdf0dbd6de refers to an implicit account.


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