1. INFLATION; Nigeria’s inflation overshoots World Bank projection by 20%.The latest inflation figure from the National Bureau of Statistics, released on 15th July 2022, showed that the nation’s inflation rose to 18.60 percent in June, the highest since January 2017 when it was 18.72 percent. This rate affects developers as materials needed to grow their skills are getting expensive thereby discouraging them from further skill learning.
  2. POOR DEVELOPER RESOURCES; Nigeria’s Economy is focused on petroleum and nothing else, they don’t care about the development of tech in Nigeria, thereby leading to a scarcity of resources in Nigeria needed for developing technical skills, this is the major reason for scare number of developers in Nigeria and with most of them at the basic level.
  3. LACK OF INFRASTRUCTURE; Nigeria lacks basic amenities and infrastructures that will help developers thrive. For example, Nigeria still suffers from an inadequate power supply and a lack of learning centers for tech development.
  1. NEAR ACADEMY; It is an interactive course for web developers looking to explore blockchain integration with their Apps. It is free and ends with a certificate of completion. This solves the problem of poor developer resources in Nigeria, as Near academy is readily available all over the world as long as you have internet access, it also provides bounties so that developers can learn to earn, practice what they learn in the NEAR ecosystem, and surrounds themselves with developers all over the world so they can network and grow together.
  2. $USN STAKING; Due to the high devaluation rate of the naira in Nigeria, it is unsafe to keep your money in Naira, as most courses on Developing apps are purchased using US dollars, so to cope with inflation, it is safe to convert your naira to $USN and stake it to get 13% APY.
  3. NEAR EDUCATION; It consists of infrastructures like NEAR university, workshops, and tools needed to help you seamlessly learn, build, earn and contribute to the NEAR protocol as a Nigerian, thereby solving the problem of lack of infrastructure.



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Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild)

Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild)

NPK Guild is a Near Protocol Community based in Nigeria, aimed at educating and incentivising young Nigerians onBlockchain technology and the NEAR ECOSYSTEM