NEAR Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) Anniversary

  1. Written content up to 5 NEAR in rewards
  2. Video up to 5 NEAR in rewards
  3. MEMES up to 5 NEAR in rewards
  4. Infographs up to 5 NEAR in rewards
  1. All written and video content can be made on any platform he or she wishes. Contents must be educational, relates with what NEAR goals are in relation to Nigeria and relates to the concept of what Nearprotocol Nigeria is trying to propagate. Likes, views and comments increase your chances of winning.
  2. Maximum of 3 entries per participant for video and written content, and for infographs as well as memes can be as many as possible.
  3. Video can be animated, a short discussion about NEAR or what you like about @Nearprotocol and @NearprotocolNG, can also be a song or anything promoting the ecosytem.




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Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild)

Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild)


NPK Guild is a Near Protocol Community based in Nigeria, aimed at educating and incentivising young Nigerians onBlockchain technology and the NEAR ECOSYSTEM