• How Music NFT works
  • The solution it is bringing to the industry
  • How can it transform the Music Industry
  • How can one invest in Music NFTs
  • Faster, more efficient creative control
  • Making royalty splits transparent
  • Music fans are a highly engaged audience. Selling music and related artwork via the blockchain is a way for an artist to forge a direct relationship with a fan base without the need for a record label or music-streaming service. If done right, it can equate to a bigger profit for the creator since there’s one less hand in the cookie jar. However, minting music NFTs isn’t free as requires gas fees (the cost to compute and record a transaction on the blockchain) and NFT marketplace fees for listing and selling work can still add up.



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Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild)

Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild)

NPK Guild is a Near Protocol Community based in Nigeria, aimed at educating and incentivising young Nigerians onBlockchain technology and the NEAR ECOSYSTEM